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Thread: Why no Bluetooth USB HCL for BackTrack?

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    Default Why no Bluetooth USB HCL for BackTrack?

    Having searched on Google for a few days and among the forum here, I am wondering why there is not more of a hardware compatibility list for USB bluetooth dongles - specifically with CSR chips

    ? Lack of interest in pen testing one's bluetooth devices?

    Have been a linux user for ~ 10 years, but only a recent (~ 2years) bluetooth user (phone, headset and my car) I feel like a late arrival to the bluetooth technology.

    I'm looking for a CSR chipset USB dongle, ideally- class I with an external antenna. I have found it amazingly difficult to confirm chipsets (and compatibility for use in Backtrack4) in any recently produced USB bluetooth dongle.

    Is this due to they are all work fine with carwhisperer, and the other bluetooth tools?

    Perhaps someone can comment on what devices I think I'm narrowed down to:
    - BlueSoleil Dongles. Perhaps the bs0002. I read in a post somewhere on this site that any BlueSoleil compatible dongle will work out of the box with Backtrack. A little expensive however!

    - Dlink DBT-120. Is rev.C1 necessary? This is not a class I device, but it seems to be mentioned often.

    - Who is happy with what they are using (what are you using)?


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    Default Re: Why no Bluetooth USB HCL for BackTrack?

    Dlink DBT-120. Is rev.C1 is mentioned oftened = [New Tutorial For BT3 ONLY]One bluetooth post to rule them all! - Page 16 - Remote Exploit Forums

    with this in mind i recommend getting a few BlueTooth adapters, won't that you use for basic everyday tasks, then 1 or 2 more that you use for pentesting (1 of these should be flashed into raw mode)
    i myself have a few broadcoms and a dlink
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    Default Re: Why no Bluetooth USB HCL for BackTrack?

    I have 2 dongles that i picked up off of E-Bay. I paid less than $1.50 for each.

    The first one is a mini , tiny one works, and is identified as a cambridge silicon no model number
    The second one, supposedly has an antenna on it is also identified as a cambridge silicon.
    Both of these show up in hci mode

    I have a third an old blue solei which is identified as a Integrated system solutions ky-BT100

    All three of these work for sniffing (my own products) and such.
    Tried file transfer once, and it seemed to work..
    The only difference of the three is distance..

    My point is if Backtrack seems to recognize the adapter then it seems to work...

    Maybe I just got lucky..
    hope this helps
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    Default Re: Why no Bluetooth USB HCL for BackTrack?

    Thanks for the advice. I did read the post ( post to rule them all..) but was concerned given the early dates of most of the posts - the models of the adapters that worked would, by now, by changed by the manufacturer - using different chipsets.

    I'll take some notes on what seems to work from the post and check out ebay!


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