Having searched on Google for a few days and among the forum here, I am wondering why there is not more of a hardware compatibility list for USB bluetooth dongles - specifically with CSR chips

? Lack of interest in pen testing one's bluetooth devices?

Have been a linux user for ~ 10 years, but only a recent (~ 2years) bluetooth user (phone, headset and my car) I feel like a late arrival to the bluetooth technology.

I'm looking for a CSR chipset USB dongle, ideally- class I with an external antenna. I have found it amazingly difficult to confirm chipsets (and compatibility for use in Backtrack4) in any recently produced USB bluetooth dongle.

Is this due to they are all work fine with carwhisperer, and the other bluetooth tools?

Perhaps someone can comment on what devices I think I'm narrowed down to:
- BlueSoleil Dongles. Perhaps the bs0002. I read in a post somewhere on this site that any BlueSoleil compatible dongle will work out of the box with Backtrack. A little expensive however!

- Dlink DBT-120. Is rev.C1 necessary? This is not a class I device, but it seems to be mentioned often.

- Who is happy with what they are using (what are you using)?