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Thread: Wireless cards?

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    Default Wireless cards?

    Hello, I'm new here and had some quick questions. If these have been asked and resolved, please direct me to those threads so I don't make a mess of things. I have downloaded Backtrack 3 onto a USB flash drive and Backtrack 4 onto a disk but can't get into the GUI on that one. Anyway, I get into Backtrack 3 and I can scan for my AP, get the BSSID from it, plug that into Spoon_Wep but it never gets cracked. It just says Gathering Arp and never changes. I also tried Wicrawl, but that doesn't seem to do it either. I read somewhere to try either a USB wireless card or a PCMCIA card. I have both, but can't seem to get Backtrack to recognize either of those. So for the time being I'm stuck with the internal card on my laptop. My question is, how do I get the USB or PCMCIA cards to work in Backtrack 3? Thanks in advance!

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    Your answer on Backtrack 3 probably won't be answered because it isn't supported any more. In BT4, any error messages when you type "startx" into the prompt?

    On usb and pcmcia cards, buy one that's supported, such as the alfa awus036h or something otherwise you'll be having troubles getting something unsupported to work correctly

    edit: alfa model typo

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    A very well supported chipset is the RT73 if you are using a usb wireless card. There are a few very good cards with this chipset that also have external Antennas if you wish to upgrade. Im looking at buying one myself very soon, have a look on the aircrack compatibility page here : compatibility_drivers [Aircrack-ng] to check that the card you want to get is fully supported, the 'experimental' drivers are often very hard to get working properly, so be careful.
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    wat abt WN321G tplink..can v use it?..some1 said that it does injection n monitor mode also....but it has some problems like weak signals and low power and some dropping of connection after few minutes of connection...can ny1 make this clear for looking forward 2 own this card..

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