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Thread: NEW SCRIPT Capturing Passwords With sslstrip

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    IMPORTANT This post only applies to airssl 1.0, ignore this post if using 2.0

    Using the rtl8187 driver may be so slow that addresses arent even handed out, to check if this applies to you simply issue
    if you can now see rtl8187 try flipping over to r8187.
    kate /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
    Now at the bottom hash the r8187 driver (add a # with no space, i.e. #r8187), and beneath it add "rtl8187", without quotes, this will blacklist the rtl8187 driver and use the r8187 driver. Below is an example
    blacklist snd_pcsp
    blacklist rt73
    blacklist ath_pci
    #blacklist r8187
    blacklist rtl8187
    Now save the file and close.
    Now remove you device/s that were using the rtl8187 driver and enter the commands below before plugging it back in.
    modprobe -r rtl8187
    modprobe r8187
    Now when you issue
    you should see the device is now using the r8187 driver instead.
    The r8187 driver is much much better for internet use, than the rtl8187, also now if you choose to, (do not hold me responsible for any damages or any legality issues), you may turn on high power mode by issuing
    iwpriv "dev" highpower 1
    you may now use iwconfig to boost power up to it`s maximum by issuing
    iwconfig "dev" txpower 35
    "dev" of coarse being the name of the device using the driver i.e. wlan0

    I see alot of people complaining about MITM attacks being slow, or sslstrip slowing down the network, well I can use 2 alfa awus036h for this attack, and connected clients can browse at full speeds using the r8187 driver. Give this a go and tell me if anything improves, also you may want to fire up the script, get to the end of it and then choose y, to make airssl clean up, after that try running it again in exactly the same way, sometimes this works for me, if the script plays up.
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