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Thread: What File System Should I Use?

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    Question What File System Should I Use?

    Hi everyone, I have a dual boot system going, that looks like this: One hard drive with three partitions. All are primary partitions. Partition one: Windows on NTFS. Partition two: Back-track on EXT2. Partition three: Set for Data on NTFS. Now I would like to be able to pull any data I need off the data drive with both the windows partition and the back-track partition with no problems. Now If I haven't already done it right. My question is What file system should I format my Back-track partition? If I need to reinstall, that's no problem. I just want to make sure I have it set up right. Thanks, and if you have any other advice I would be grateful.

    Oh and I tried searching For this info to no success. Here and Google. So if I am just retarded And this has been asked before I apologize for the stupid question.
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    Default Re: What File System Should I Use?

    Windows should be installed on NTFS.
    Backtrack should be installed on EXT3 if the drive is a hard drive (not SSD) or EXT2 if the drive is a flash drive a SSD.
    The data partition should be fat32. You could use NTFS and backtrack can read and write to NTFS using the NTFS-3G driver but I have had minor issues writing to a NTFS partition from inside BT. I have never had a problem reading or writing to a fat32 partition.
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    Thank you bofh28! I knew I had something wrong. I don't even have a good reason for picking Ext2. I just picked one and hoped it worked. Haha. Now of to reformat. Oh happy days!

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    Default Re: What File System Should I Use?

    I'm pretty sure this is covered by all of the install tutorials.
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