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Thread: Lost in Metasploit 3.3

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    Default Lost in Metasploit 3.3

    Hadn't tinkered with Metasploit in a long time and decided to try out the latest version.(3.3) Installing went smooth. I watched an old IronGeek video he suggested using the web interface for simplicity. I did just that while testing it against a Windoze virtual machine of mine. I noticed a line on the interface that said:

    Exploit launched. If the exploit console window does not appear, please click here.
    Next thing I new a console popped up with this:

    Welcome to the Metasploit Web Console!
    // some Metasploit Ascii Art here
    metasploit v3.4.0-dev [core:3.4 api:1.0] + -- --=[ 320 exploits - 99 auxiliary + -- --=[ 217 payloads - 20 encoders - 6 nops =[ svn r9236 updated today (2010.05.06)
    I was expecting a VNC session to start, but didn't. Was this the exploit console window they were talking about? Just looked like the normal MSFConsole to me. Seemed to negate the use of the whole web interface. But if so, any confirmation of, or advice and links of what to do next will be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Lost in Metasploit 3.3

    Yeah stop using the web interface it is no longer maintained and basically it is full of bugs anyway. Also based on your little information I would suspect that your "MSFConsole" was your shell that was opened upon completion of the exploit.
    See also:
    Metasploit Unleashed - Mastering the Framework

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