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Thread: Airlink101 300N AWLL6077v.2

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    Default Airlink101 300N AWLL6077v.2

    I'm considering buying this one to replace my dumb Linksys WUSBG54GC. Has anyone used the Airlink101 AWLL6077 v.2? Does it work right out of the box any problems? Also is the Airlink 101 still working fine for everyone out of the box on Backtrack 4. I heard alot of good things about that card for those using backtrack 3.

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    Default Re: Airlink101 300N AWLL6077v.2

    I'll let you know because I just had one of these delivered and hoping it still works with BT4. It's suppose to be easy to mod which is what I was hoping for but I'll try it out first to see if BT4 even works with it.

    Here's where I found the instructions on the mod with pics.

    Jon Trent Adams - Phoenix WiFi

    This USB was bought out by realtech so alot of the mods out there aren't the same cause the board changed.
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