Hello everybody,

Am trying to update my RaLink RT73 USB Driver downloaded from ASPj's WiFi Page: mdk3, rt73, rt2570 and other aircrack-ng experiments but its not getting updated. I checked the previous version with lsmod and then modinfo rt73usb which is 2.3.0. The one am trying to install is 3.0.3. Am following the instructions in the readme file which says make and make install which doesnt give any errors but still i see the same old version 2.3.0. Also the update states that it would make the interface from wlan0 to rausb0 which is also not happening.

The reason I want to update my drivers is coz aireplay-ng isnt injecting any packets
so the wep crack test is failing under BT4 but everything is working fine in BT3!!!
The data column simply isnt increasing in BT4...

Please help