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Thread: Restore BackTrack Boot

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    Question Restore BackTrack Boot


    I've dual boot on BT and XP.

    I need to re-install XP for its unstability. After installing it,
    how do I restore BT Boot menu that lists OS installed.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Restore BackTrack Boot

    That's a grub-related topic, not a bt-related one.

    Moreover, google offers plenty of useful and precise answers about "how to make a partition bootable" or "I reinstalled windows and since I don't even begin to try to understand how it worked, I think I f***ed up my computer"...

    I don't complain because I think your question is stupid. It's certainly not... I complain because your are far too lazy to search the web and try things by yourself.

    You're a "beginner" (since that's the "beginners forum"), try not to stay like this your entire life.

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