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Thread: Mouse stops working after a few minutes.

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    Default Mouse stops working after a few minutes.

    This must be a really simple problem, hence why its in the Beginner's Forum, yet I urge anyone with the proper knowledge to help me. I recently burnt the BT4 Final ISO onto a DVD, no trouble there, I booted from CD, after looking around for a minute or two I typed 'startx' and reached the desktop, everything was working fine, I managed to open my Konsole and get my network up (As you can see from this post.) yet as soon as this was done, my mouse stopped working. The cursor stays in the center of the screen and I can't click or move it. I know its not a power issue, the mouse's laser is still functioning.

    I looked around on google and found a few lines of code that did manage to make the mouse last longer.
    after the Kernel line in the first menu.
    Followed by
    before using the startx command.

    My mouse will stop working after opening firefox most of the time, maybe 5-10 mins after this my keyboard will also fail me.

    Now I'm relatively new to the Linux operating systems and I can't help but be amazed at something so wonderful after living with windows for the past decade I can't imagine how I missed out on this. The mouse problem is probably the only thing stopping me in my learning and its really pissing me off lol.

    Thanks to anybody who is willing to spend a little time to help me. It is greatly appreciated.

    PS: Navigating without a mouse is such a bitch. That are you human thing almost killed this post, haha.

    Second page bump.. does anyone have any idea at all?
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    Default Respuesta: Mouse stops working after a few minutes.

    I had a very similar problem and i fix it.
    Try this
    dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

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