I am pleased to announce the release of crunch 2.4 which fixes a few small bugs found by fellow forum member TAPE.

Changes from version 2.3
fix charset.lst to remove some unwanted characters - reported by Tape
fix usage help screen (-m and not -n) - reported by Tape
clarified -b option in help and man file - reported by Tape
fix Makefile to install to /pentest/passwords instead of /pentest/password - reported by Tape
make bytecount behave consistently - reported by Tape
fixed up copyrights
include a copy of gpl.txt

If you can't want for the BT developers to release an update you can download and compile the source code from crunch - wordlist generator | Get crunch - wordlist generator at SourceForge.net

As usual if you find any problems please let me know so I can fix them.