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Thread: Script - WPA Handshake Capture and Cracking Tut

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    Default Script - WPA Handshake Capture and Cracking Tut

    Most of you won't find much use for yawt (Yet Another WPA Tutor), the WPA capture and crack bash script I've written, but some new to BT4 and WPA cracking might find it marginally helpful.

    The script is too large to paste here, but you can read the source here and download yawt here.

    For users new to linux: if you want to try yawt, download it and run:
    chmod 755

    To run yawt, at the command prompt type:

    It's my very first bash script and I'm sure it can be improved. I welcome comments and suggestions from the bash script gurus here.

    You have to run the script as root and you have to install tshark (apt-get install tshark), the command line version of Wireshark.

    The tut walks the user through a live WPA capture and passphrase cracking session on his system and his wifi environment. The tut shows the user the exact commands and arguments he needs to type and provides hints and guidance along the way.

    The tut strips the resulting capture file to the Beacon frame and the EAPOL packets and launches Wireshark to allow the user to examine the WPA handshake in detail. If the WPA handshake capture is successful, the tut launches aircrack (showing the user a proper command) to attempt to crack the WPA passphrase.

    Here are some screenshots that should give you an idea of what yawt is about:
    yawt screenshot 1
    yawt screenshot 2
    yawt screenshot 3
    yawt screenshot 4
    yawt screenshot 5
    yawt screenshot 6
    yawt screenshot 7
    yawt screenshot 8
    yawt screenshot 9
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