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Thread: HP G62-120SL Graphics issue

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    Default HP G62-120SL Graphics issue

    Hello Everyone!
    I'm fairly new to this forum and I'm not the best user of Backtrack so here's my post. I have the HP G62-120SL Notebook, the really new one that came out a couple of months ago. The issue that I'm having is the fact that I can't launch the X server. I tried startx, xinit, none of them work. They all give me the same error, no screens found. I have the Intel HD Graphics Accelerator with 1696mb of memory, with the i3 core processor. Can anyone please help me with this? Thanks!

    EDIT: This is what I get when I type: "Xorg -configure" and then use the new file.
    [IMG width="600" height="400"][/IMG]

    FINAL EDIT: Alright, so it took a while of searching, but I finally found how to solve this issue. If anyone has this problem, then what you have to do when you booted into normal mode in backtrack, at the console, type "fixvesa", that will combine the xorg.conf file and the xorg-vesa.conf or something like that files together. Then run "startx" and everything should work.
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