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Thread: Install WhatWeb 0.4.2 in BT4

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    Default Install WhatWeb 0.4.2 in BT4

    Since I really don't want to type things twice.
    Install and use WhatWeb-0.4.2 in BT4
    Whatweb is a "Next generation web scanner. Identify what websites are running."

    Archangel Amael's BT Tutorials: Install WhatWeb 0.4.2 in BT4

    Have fun and don't mess with networks you don't have permission for.

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    Default Re: Install WhatWeb 0.4.2 in BT4

    Nice documentation,

    works perfectly, indeed whatweb is a nice too to have in the toolkit. I have not encountered any problems with running it with Ruby 1.8.7 instead of 1.9 either. Thanks for the documentation, you just saved me some time.
    bostonlink - OSCP

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