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Thread: how i can use cowpatty

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    Post how i can use cowpatty

    hi guys i have problem with cowpatty i have backtrack 4 and i hack manny WEP password but i dont know anything about cowpatty except the youtube video

    can some one explain to me how i can open shell useing cowpatty or if there is anything i have to do i know nothing about

    please explain to me how to work on cowpatty i been trying for long time i didnt know how to use it
    i have worldlist in the desktop do i have to move it there or do i have to download anything eless

    i have manny connection around me useing WPA2 PSK and WPA

    i have to know what to do from the begain tell the end if any of u guys have a time can help ill be thxxxfull to him

    you can use teamviewer 2 to show me how what ever u want guys i dont know if im allow to put my email here
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