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Thread: Computer hangs/flashes upon log out

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    Default Computer hangs/flashes upon log out

    When I log out my computer crashes/hangs the screen flashes as well. Prob simple fix. Any advice where to start looking?

    Running BT4 final up 2 date.

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    Default Re: Computer hangs/flashes upon log out

    Try being more specific, and free with the giving of details.
    For instance are there any error messages, etc?

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    Default Re: Computer hangs/flashes upon log out

    Well... I'll include as much as I can.

    I simply open up the bar in the lower right click on log out. The screen flashes while logging out, no errors. Right after I confirm log out this flashing would be seen instead of seeing the terminal running the script. But it stills runs un-visible behind the flicker and after a minute or so I press power again to halt and it shuts off the laptop. This appears to be a display issue... but It does not affect functionality other than the obvious not being able to see whats going on.

    I was thinking differently in my first post, thought it was hanging. Just kinda annoying.

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