Backtrack 4 Final

I'm able to do everything when it come to sniffing, penetrating and much more! But, it takes me around an hour to get my interface up. When I boot Vmware, I keep my wireless usb card out until backtrack boots up completly, then I insert my usb card and start networking. After i select start networking, i go to wicd and start the gui. Sometimes it finds all the networks but 90% of the the time it says no wireless networks found! I'm able to do a airodump and see that all networks in my area, but when I do a iwlist scan the device is almost always not scanning. It says "device is busy, or temperalily out of unavailable.

wlan0 Ralink 2573 USB rt73usb - [phy0]

Is it doing this because its not reading my driver as rausb0 thats what it was in BT3, but when it does find the networks it works perfect and out the box.

Any sugestions would be appriciated.