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Thread: Can not make files/folders and or copy w/ CD booted BT

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    Default Can not make files/folders and or copy w/ CD booted BT

    Hello all, new here. I am fairly technical with BT, okay maybe just familiar, and I am sure this is going to be simple, buuuut I just dont get it. I can boot up off of cd just fine and everything seems to work just fine, until that is.. When I put in my USB drive, it detects and mounts, i belive, GREAT! I then want to copy a .txt file but I get a glass sound and the "can not write to" message. I then could see my normal NTFS HD and tried to paste there with the same results. Since I could see/a the reguler HD .txt file, I tried to open it. Sure enough it opens. Okay, so I thought permissions were not setup. i go to set permissions to allow everyone to write (to either drive) and I get access denied, or something like that.

    Now, I just booted with te thumb drive in the laptop and I can ow copy and paste just fine and dandy???? WT?? Okay, something with the detection I guess? Okay, thats fine and all, we can play that game, but, I am still locked out of the drive if I plug in AFTER I start up BT off the CD.

    Can someone throw me a bone as to the exact steps (since I dont play with Linux too much) to get this one problem fixed?

    Thanks so much in advance.

    Tried to edit before it was too late, but, post did not come up until a few hours later.

    Anyhoo, I just wanted to say that I checked google and non of my word searches were yielding me any results. I may not have looked long enough but I did spend an hour looking.

    I know we are not supposed to post basic Linux questions, but, I am not sure if this is a basic Linux problem or a BT-3 specific problem so posted. If it is a basic Linux problem, I apologize ahead of time.
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