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Thread: How To Crack Da WEP?

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    Talking How To Crack Da WEP?

    Hi ya everyone!!!

    I thought that title would catch a few of you.....especially my old friend purehate.

    Just wanting to let you all know that I'm still alive and kicking. I love the new forums, and I just wanted to come check in and say hi to everyone and all of my old friends and enemies. (You know who you are : p)

    No, I'm not back in the scene, and Yes I still use backtrack 2

    I love you guys and I'll be checking in today and for at least the next few days until I disappear again off the face of the Earth again, so if your an old friend or enemy of mine, or if you just want to say hi to an old ex-Mod and BT2 Guru, fell free to spam this thread.

    Take care guys, and .......

    <img>post-count.jpg | My[confined]Space</img>

    PS...damn 4 smiley limit. GGRRrrrrrr....
    [CENTER][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=5][B][COLOR=blue][FONT=Courier New][COLOR=red]--=[/COLOR][/FONT]Xploitz[FONT=Courier New][COLOR=red]=--[/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Courier New][COLOR=Black][SIZE=6][B] ®[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][SIZE=4][B]Remote-Exploit.orgs Master Tutorialist.[/B][/SIZE][SIZE=6][B]™
    [URL=""][B]VIDEO: Volume #1 "E-Z No Client WEP Cracking Tutorial"[/B]
    [URL=""][B]VIDEO: Volume #2 "E-Z No Client Korek Chopchop Attack Tutorial"[/B]
    [URL=""][B]VIDEO: Volume #3 "E-Z WPA/WPA2 Cracking Tutorial"[/B][/URL]

    [URL=""][B]VIDEO: Volume #4 "E-Z Cracking WPA/WPA2 With Airolib-ng Databases"[/B][/URL]

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    Default Re: How To Crack Da WEP?

    Post in the correct section of the forums.
    No url signatures.
    Use a better thread title.
    Read the rules you agreed to
    Ohh and we no longer support BT2 so upgrade.

    Hey buddy, again long time no see.
    I know we talked a while back per PM, but it's nice to see you made it over here.
    Feel free to feed a noob at anytime.
    You also know we got a new irc channel. Info's on the main site. Stop by if you get the chance.
    Ohh and mine's bigger than yours, check the numbers!

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    Default Re: How To Crack Da WEP?


    Hope ur doing well, nice to see u

    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

    BackTrack :
    Giving Machine Guns to Monkeys since 2006

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    Default Re: How To Crack Da WEP?

    Clearly you didn't get my PM regarding the new rules on Nick Names :-)

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    Default Re: How To Crack Da WEP?

    I was reading up on your wordlist thread in the old forums the other day. Theres some good work youve put together, Thanks. I have to ask though. Why BT2? I recognize that your very used to it, and so it seems the logical choice to stay with something you know inside out. But is that the only reason. Either way. Have a good one.

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    Default Re: How To Crack Da WEP?

    LOL, I blindly clicked on the link in a very irritated manner - you got me

    Dude, you are an OG, glad to see you around...
    I got 99 problems but the bits ain't one...

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    Default Re: How To Crack Da WEP?

    Hey -=Xploitz=-. Nice to see you around buddy. Even if it's just to say hi ...
    SecurityTube has two new sections. Questions & News

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