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Thread: Alfa AWUS036H lost sensitivity

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    Default Alfa AWUS036H lost sensitivity

    So I have been using an 24 dbi antenna along with a trusty old Alfa AWUS036H for about a year now. For LAN connection I have used it to connect to an AP which is half a mile away. I stopped using it about 2 months ago, so recently I needed to use it and set it up exactly how I have previously (same antenna location and cable).

    So to my surprise I can barely even see the AP (when before I could get solid good signal). In airodump-ng I barely pick up even a few beacons. So I am trying to figure this out, is it possible the Alfa card lost sensitivity? Or any other way I lost the output power the card had?

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    Default Re: Alfa AWUS036H lost sensitivity

    what version of backtrack are you using? did you upgrade to R1? that might be the problem.

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