I wonder if you can help me ?

I am having a headache with my alpha usb in vmware.

Its the networking on the wlan0. I followed pureh@tes vmware bt 4 install and its pukka and upon the first install I was able to get the wlan0 working with the /etc/init.d/wicd start - dhclient and then connect to the ap with wpa enc.

Now after doing a few wifi pentests on my ap and got to grips with the commands I wanted to get ssl sniff on the ap to test , the card works fine with aircrack-ng suite etc monitor mode and such but ...i need it to be connected to the ap in managed as vmware sort of arp poisons the eth0 in bridged mode and will not sniff the ssl traffic this way, so im stumped, googled and tried ifup wlan0 for the dhcp but it will only give an ip for the etho wired.

im using vmware 7 on win 7 and bt4 final updated- upgraded.

Please help me in the right direction as it puts me off. a whole day rebooting the vm and trying different things but wont give the wlan0 an ip.

thanks to archangel for the quick reply redirecting me here. quick non the less.