I must say, I'm new to backtrack
I work in the IT sector, in a company, to maintain a network so I want to learn about the attacks on wep and wpa/wpa2 keys and how to protect against attack?
WEP key I understood how to crack, is quite simple and quick process, but I do not understand about WPA and WPA2 cracking.
I read a lot about it, and I do not understand how to create and use precompiled hash and hach, in cowpatty.
I found some torrents to download hash table, but which to download?
Do I need to download the MD5 or some other table? Does the download of a Ranbow table or cowpatty table?
So can you recommend some of the torrents.
I found a torrent, 33 GB, will it work on my computer (4gb ram, C2D 2GHz ,...).? Thanks!