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Thread: Need help with network audit :)

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    Question Need help with network audit :)

    I explain you my problem, in my work i have to make a network audit.
    With Wireshak i can't see afp protocol and i don't know why (Yes Our computer equipment is under apple).

    So i wanted use Ettercap to listen network between one serv and one user's computer which have many problems.

    However, in the network architecture, Servers and user's post are in différent Vlan.
    My sniffer has for ip 10.32.31.X (Vlan1) / my first target (user's computer) 10.32.31.X (Vlan1) / the server 10.40.0.X (Vlan2)

    If i ping 10.40.0.X with the sniffer it's ok.

    So my question is: Why ettercap can't find 10.40.0.X on host list if the computer which are sniffing can ping it?

    Maybe Vlan can block ettercap, but I don't know, if you have an idea

    Mirabel Matthieu.

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    Default Re: Need help with network audit :)

    Yes, because you are sniffing for ARP replies, it won't cross broadcast domains (VLANs)....

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    Thanks for answer

    Successful !!!

    Just configurate port mirroring on other switch before the other.
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