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Thread: WPA hacking... Another way??...

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    Question WPA hacking... Another way??...

    Hey people! (first post! w00t!)


    I've been playing around with tr aircrack suite for a bit and captured a whole lot of 4-way handshakes on WPA.

    However now I've come to a stand still. Isn't there another way to crack the handshakes than using a dictionary attack? I mean, surely there's a program that can crack the packets isn't there?

    If you were to capture enough 4-way handshakes, wouldn't that enable you to easily decryt the passphrase?

    Basically; is there another way to crack the 4-way handshake? (not dictionary attack)


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    Default Re: WPA hacking... Another way??...

    Start here:
    Aircrack-ng - Main documentation
    Also we highly encourage the use of the search feature.

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