Hey everybody,

I have been using backtrack 4 for awhile now, and just decided to install it on a partition on my hard drive. I followed all the steps in the "install.sh" installer, and everything went fine. I rebooted, selected backtrack from the grub list, and it booted fine.

My problem arose when I rebooted again and tried to boot into windows 7. It took me automatically to the recovery program, and tried to do a factory reset on my laptop. I quit the program, which auto-restarted my computer, and from then on, only boots to a black screen which says "Grub error 22"

I can still boot via usb to Backtrack 4, but when I try to run the installer again, it only shows 20gb free on my 250gb hard drive, and widows is gone.

I need help! I really don't want to lose all my data, and my windows 7 OS either.