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Thread: Grub error 22

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    Unhappy Grub error 22

    Hey everybody,

    I have been using backtrack 4 for awhile now, and just decided to install it on a partition on my hard drive. I followed all the steps in the "" installer, and everything went fine. I rebooted, selected backtrack from the grub list, and it booted fine.

    My problem arose when I rebooted again and tried to boot into windows 7. It took me automatically to the recovery program, and tried to do a factory reset on my laptop. I quit the program, which auto-restarted my computer, and from then on, only boots to a black screen which says "Grub error 22"

    I can still boot via usb to Backtrack 4, but when I try to run the installer again, it only shows 20gb free on my 250gb hard drive, and widows is gone.

    I need help! I really don't want to lose all my data, and my windows 7 OS either.


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    Default Re: Grub error 22

    Hello, I hate to tell you this but your windows installation might very well be gone. This has happened to me as well when i installed backtrack to the hardrive and tried to dual boot it. One thing you can try is to boot up to backtrack via bootdrive and then access your windows partition and try to transfer the data to an external hardrive that is what i had to do.

    good luck with this let us know how it turned out.

    Cheers !

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    Default Re: Grub error 22

    you probably didn't lose your windows or bt installation

    what happened is that your BT install overwrote your Windows MBR

    Now Windows 7 creates a seperate partition just for the MBR (Master Boot Record)...The partition is usually 100mb or less and will be "Partition 0" or "Partition 1".

    What you need to do is insert your windows 7 install cd/dvd and restart your computer.

    Run the install cd and select "Repair your windows installation" when the cd loads.

    select "recovery tools" or something to that effect

    you will be taken to a screen with several the command prompt option (CMD)

    when the command prompt opens type
    next type
    list disk
    assuming you only have 1 hard drive type
    select disk 1
    now type
    list part
    you should now be looking at a list of all the partitions on that disk. find the partition that is 100mb or less (should be partition 0 or partition 1)....type
    select part 0
    (where "part 0" is the partition that is 100mb or less)

    now exit the prompt and restart the computer (you can also take out the install cd)

    assuming everything worked correctly windows 7 bootloader should start and you should be able to run your install of windows 7.

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