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Thread: trouble with gui version of hydra

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    Question trouble with gui version of hydra


    im using the gui version of the hydra bruteforcer

    my Problem

    hydra tells my its connected to the host and tested my list of passwords over a defined user but
    i had for a test a known user selected and the password is in the list....

    Hydra finished the session with no success ....

    The Forum was for the test attacked has no capcha or another technics.

    the settings was http+get

    i think is my problem is thats hydra cant locate the logon site for the Forum

    when i give hydra the detailed address for the Forum with /index.php
    tells me via verbose failed connected to host.

    but when i give only the adress of the host Example Web Page his will connecting to the host and "works" with no hits by known logon : pass combinations.

    can any help me with this ?

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    Default Re: trouble with gui version of hydra

    I'm sensing illegal activity on this one,it is not condoned here,and no one will help you if what you are doing is in fact illegal.

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    Default Re: trouble with gui version of hydra

    No we will not help you attack a online forum. He do not support any illegal activities around here and frankly I think people who commit crimes are worthless douche bags.

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