hi every... this is how to get all the firefox password saved after meterpreter exploitation
for this we need a tiny program for decrypt the password where the file are stored to
the program it's uploaded by me here : MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
execute this program with wine and make ot executable before
so now we have a meterpreter sessions and wanna take much informations of the file as we need to hack pass of firefox the file is stored in XP machine here:
C:\Documents and Settings\(our User)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(here u find one file named like this for exemple aoeuh5.default)
cd into this file and u find this three or four files who we need this file is named
and if u see this files download it with the third -soignons*.txt (*=2 or3 or4 ...etc.)
if u don't have soignons.txt it's not grave download the cert8,key..etc..
in vista or seven the file is strored to C:\Users\Application Data etc......
now we've been downloaded the files with meterpreter and stored to a file in our computer just open the program we've downloaded to megaupload and launch it
select the file where are stored the cer8,key3..etc... and click show

badaboum magic now we see all the password stored in firefox victim machine http like and other like https too.
for more vision of the how to i made a tiny video available here to direct link
Untitled on Vimeo
and here for preview

thx for ur watching thx for support and big thx for ur critics ..