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Thread: [Script] FakeAP_pwnv2 - Create a Fake AP (auto bash script)

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    Default [Script] FakeAP_pwnv2 - Create a Fake AP (auto bash script)

    After reading the old by G0tMilk I saw he released a new script v2, but I have a question recarding the webpage. Can't it be changed that it uses The social engineering toolkit for creating fake web sites?

    I tried a lot of stuff but it seems that TSET can't run with FAKEAP_PWN so I turned all Apache things off and now it starts but it doesn't rederict to the fake website, what to do? Becouse it's better (I think) if you use java exploit

    And is it also pausible that it doesn't need eth1 only wlan so that you can choice if you want that it sends internet or is just a real fake AP

    anyone that can help me out?
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