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Thread: Meterpreter killav.rb script question

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    Question Meterpreter killav.rb script question

    Metasploit Framework have nice Meterpreter script (killav.rb) that kills all Antivirus processes and some firewalls. Problem is that killing antivirus and firewall processes on target PC will cause various alerts/ warnings and errors messages shown by antiviruses or windows itself. Is it possible to improve killav script to make it to suppress or disable all this warnings silently?
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    Have you looked at getcountermeasure.rb ??

    "This script is for the identification of third party anti virus, HIPS, HIDS, Firewalls as well as Windows security settings as local Firewall and on Vista if UAC is enabled - This Script is now part of the Metasploit Project"

    Its an updated/newer version of killav.rb

    There is some information at Disabling Antivirus with Meterpreter (Page 1) - Penetration Testing - PaulDotCom Forums where the issue was also been discussed by the author of the script.

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    thanks for the links. Not clear though, can getcountermeasure.rb disable AV and FWs reliably.

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