i installed BT4 Final on my desktop pc yesterday (I have BT4 PreF on my laptop already for some months) and i just dont get the dual booting with win7 to work... i have 3 hds (1 IDE, 2 SATA) and first installed it on the 3rd making a fourth partition ext3 (hd2,3)... when I install the boot loader during setup under advanced on any partition or drive it doesn't do anything except of course the windows partition. but then i get the error on booting from windows that the mbr is broken so i have to repair it again...
i tried using neogrub with easybsd (thats the way i did it on my laptop) but everytime i try to open BT4 through grub it says error 27: no such partition. I tried (hd2,1-9) and it either gave me that error or it was a ntfs partition. when I boot the BT4 live cd i can access that partition and the files are installed.
now I installed it on the (hd0) which is the IDE drive and still the same problem (made a new ext3 partition on this drive).
i dont know what else to do, help anyone?