Ok, Discovered backtrack and aircrack about a month ago, have successfully cracked my network with 4 different wep keys + a couple of friends' (with permission, of course) and now know that with a big enough hdd I can crack pretty much any wpa key as well.

So why even bother with security on my network?

If I can crack it then who else might be watching me right now? Thanks to the support of this site, a couple of others like it and 1 particularly good inst. vid on youtube (Cheers kivi12k!) It took me a couple of weeks to learn everything I need to know while still holding down a full time job!

I remember something about having a non-static key seems to me that that is a good... maybe the ONLY good way of keeping your network relatively secure from even the most amateur hackers. Anyone know of a way of setting this up on a standard router? I assume it will mean a physical 1st time connection for every new device on my network but that's a small sacrifice.

Otherwise any consumer routers available that do the job?

Cheers all.