This is my second post in the same section,

I have a Hp laptop dual booting with Bt4 and vistA...
the problem is the battery do charge when i login to BT 4...

It works fine when I logon to windows vista and also when the laptop is oFF.

When i Logon to bt 4, the charging gets stuck at some percentage and it does not move, After logging in back to vista , I have to manually replug the battery to get it charging..

i have changed power adaptor, did power drain, turned on with the adaptor and battery alone separately, still do not work.

I have even taken it to HP service center, they told me that its a software glitch.

I had the same problems with HP printer, i tried everything still was not able to print in BT4, but Ubuntu which is installed in VM ware in BT4, prints without installing any drivers, cups or anything.

There are a lot of hardware compatiblity issues with BT4, MODS pls give a solution for this Battery problem.