Hello I'm new to this,

I run BT4 from a dual boot HD and I want to see what I can see on my laptop, files from my girlfriends laptop and from mine on hers. We are both on our home wireless network, (which is wep!, I will change it to wpa as soon as I'm finished cracking and re-cracking my own wep).

I am just curious as to how vulnerable I have been up until now, I even left my network open for a while, letting neighbors piggyback if they wanted, but I didn't realize how stupid I was,I never thought they could actually access my files by sharing my network.

I just have a couple of questions:

1) How do I access either laptop on my network and view files from the victim laptop, sorry I dont know what the term for it is, Tunnelling maybe??,

Sorry if this has been asked a million times, please direct me in the right direction.