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Thread: Access files on my other laptop

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    Default Access files on my other laptop

    Hello I'm new to this,

    I run BT4 from a dual boot HD and I want to see what I can see on my laptop, files from my girlfriends laptop and from mine on hers. We are both on our home wireless network, (which is wep!, I will change it to wpa as soon as I'm finished cracking and re-cracking my own wep).

    I am just curious as to how vulnerable I have been up until now, I even left my network open for a while, letting neighbors piggyback if they wanted, but I didn't realize how stupid I was,I never thought they could actually access my files by sharing my network.

    I just have a couple of questions:

    1) How do I access either laptop on my network and view files from the victim laptop, sorry I dont know what the term for it is, Tunnelling maybe??,

    Sorry if this has been asked a million times, please direct me in the right direction.


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    Default Re: Access files on my other laptop

    im not sure if you mean youre trying to access files on her computer that are publicly available with no password or default password, youre trying to access files with a password you know, or youre trying to "break in". if its one of the first 2 it will likely be easier to use windows or mac osx with a graphical interface client since backtrack is designed for people with command line experience. if you're trying to hack in the easiest tool to use is probably fast-track web gui (backtrack>penetration>fast-track) if the machine is fully patched you wont likely succeed.
    it will help if you use as many details as possible,

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    Default Re: Access files on my other laptop

    For the "What can be accessed" question. Depends on what network accessible services you have running. Windows systems, by default will enable the CIFSs file and printer sharing service which can allow access to do a variety of things with appropropriate authentication (view/delete files, run programs, etc). Linux systems will often have ssh open in a default configuration, which will allow you to do similar stuff with appropriate authentication. Other services (web server, ftp server, etc) allow different levels of access. Its a highly detailed subject and its hard to sum it up in a forum post.

    For the "access one computer from another", there are a number of possible terms to use. "Pivoting" seems to be in vogue right now. I have also heard it called "bouncing" and "puddle jumping", and there are other terms which I cant recall just now. You can do this via working from a shell on the exploited host, installing a redirector on the exploited host, or via using the functionality of an exploitation product such as CANVAS, Metasploit, Core Impact, or via other methods..

    Im not sure if its going to be too advanced for you, but you may want to look at Metasploit Unleashed. If its too difficult, first try doing some reading on TCP/IP (TCP/IP Illustrated or the Cisco CCNA Study guide are good references), and then do some reading about and playing with various network services like SSH, Web Servers, FTP Servers, CIFS (Windows built in and Samba) so you understand how they work.
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