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Thread: WLAN works after driver update, but only after 'rmmod ath9k; modprobe ath9k'

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    Default WLAN works after driver update, but only after 'rmmod ath9k; modprobe ath9k'

    I finally found a way to fix my WLAN on an EeePC, by reinstalling ath9k from an old compat-wireless release as described here:
    Linux on the EeePC 1001p: Fixing wireless

    However, it only works after:

    rmmod ath9k
    modprobe ath9k
    /etc/init.d/networking start
    If I 'networking start' with the ath9k pre-loaded by the kernel, I get a "wlan0: no such device" error.
    This feels like there still is an old version of the ath9k driver on my computer which gets loaded by the kernel on boot time.
    How would I find out if there are two drivers installed, and what tells the kernel which ath9k to load when booting?

    OK, 'dmesg|grep ath9k' gives me a line that says "Failed to initialize device".
    Although, 'modprobe ath9k; /etc/init.d/networking start' does not work. I really have to 'rmmod ath9k; modprobe ath9k' to get it to work.
    Very weird.

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