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Thread: Networknig in VMWare

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    Default Networknig in VMWare

    Hey there,

    I have used BT4 Many times on a deidcated laptop. However that laptop is very old and I need something a bit easier to access. So I have started to use BT4 in VMWare. I must admit, I was a total newbie to VMWare, but have managed to install and configure BT4 so it starts up and loads the GUI in Virtualbox.

    The issue comes when I try to start airmon-ng. It just shows up as though there are no wireless devices. I have set the network adaptor to bridged mode, and chosen my REALTEK adaptor that I use for BT4. When I try the etc/init.d networking start, I just get loads of errors saying nothing can be found.

    What am I doing wrong?



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    Default Re: Networknig in VMWare

    Quote Originally Posted by adamlonsdale View Post
    What am I doing wrong?
    Your not reading that's what you are doing wrong for starters. Try reading the forum faq as this has been covered. Then read the first stickied thread in the beginners section with my name attached to it.
    Then you will be better off.

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