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Thread: Wireless card driver

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    Default Wireless card driver

    I use an ALFA AWUS036H which is perfectly compatible with BT3 (haven't used it with 4 yet). As a regular operating system on my laptop I use Debian. I'm not sure how to check driver names in Debian, so I was wondering, does BT3 use the same wireless driver as the one that is default in Debian?

    Theres only a few tools in BT3 that I use that involve a wireless card, so I thought I'd just install the tools on my Debian machine instead of loading BT3 every time I want to use them. Would this work without me switching out drivers?

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    Default Re: Wireless card driver

    We don't know since we don't support BT3 anymore, nor Debian.
    I would suggest you try it out though.
    Most tools that you can get can be compiled though.

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