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Thread: If you received a email about a username change....

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    Default If you received a email about a username change....

    If you have received a email with a username change request here are the proper ways to get it done:

    1. Send me or Balding_Parrot a email or a private message with your new username request. It must be alpha chars only. Email is much better so that we can respond and tell you when its done. With PM this is not possible since you will be locked out of your old account.

    2. The best way it to jump on our IRC channel #backtrack-linux on the freenode network and ping either myself or Balding_Parrot and we will do a live name change provided we have the time.

    The incorrect way is to start a thread on the forums about the subject. Your thread will be deleted.

    Thanks for every ones patience and compliance with this change.
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