hi guys, i have a problem executing pyrit serve?

i have two boxes, both have bt4 installed and are joined by crossover cable(ethernet).
i have pyrit and cpyrit installed and the latest nvidia-cuda drivers installed on both boxes,i have two cards in each box and quad cores in each box,
sli configuration in both.

i have edited the pyrit config file and assigned static ip addresses on both systems: box1= box2=, i can ping both systems and its all good.
i have checked to see if ports are open (19935), which is ok.
i use a program which is called webmin which i can launch my server and clients from, its a nice little app.
the problem is when i type the command pyrit serve all i get is = (Serving 0 active clients; 0 PMKs/s; 0.0 TTS).
everything is up to date on both systems, ive checked and double checked.
i have checked the forums to see if anyone is having the same problems and found a few, but the solutions if any are not very clear.
if anyone is having the same problems or have had the same problem and solved them? could you please post the solution
or if there is a step by step on this procedure if any?? or point me in the right direction....

thanks guys for any help