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Thread: rainbowcrack "invalid hash"

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    Default rainbowcrack "invalid hash"


    I haptured my network a valid handshake.
    Tested: "aircrack-ng test.cap"

    "valid handshake, essid, bssid - OK"

    I have read this:

    Extract the handshake a file.
    I probe load to rainbowcrack 1.4, "file-load HASH-es from file..."

    "invalid hash"

    I try this extracted CAP file in Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor,
    "File-Import TCPdump log" - its work. Then the CAP file is good, right?

    I want use rainbowcrack, while I have 65GB rainbow tables (66 x 1GB files)
    from: The Shmoo Group

    Help me please, what's the probleme, or what made bad. Thank you!

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    Default Re: rainbowcrack "invalid hash"

    I mean seriously does any one read anymore, for their own benefit.
    OP this has been covered about a bazillion times this month alone. Try actually searching for relevant info either here or per google and read.
    The guys that came up with the rainbow tables put in a lot of time and effort to document the entire process.

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    Default Re: rainbowcrack "invalid hash"

    Sorry, but I don't understand exactly.
    My language is not english...

    Can you give me a link, or exapmle?
    I read - but don't find documents.

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