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Thread: Brute force to my router

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    Red face Brute force to my router

    Hi everyone,I am the new user to this forum.And I am also new linux user. I T4start my linux operating system with BT4 final.
    And I am interested in network security and I want to become penetration tester that mean I want to become white hacker.

    I got too many penetration technique form this form and I really thanks to everyone who give their technique to everyone in this forum. I am really thanks.
    Do you mine, tell me how to recover my router password, I mean, I want to penetrate my password is secure and I also want the technique of password cracking.

    I heard that hydra can be used for this with dictionary or brute force attack.

    I got one dictionary file from the internet.
    I want to know how to use the program in both attack.
    I mean, what command can I use to run that program.
    The type of my router is Belkiin F5D7234

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    Default Re: Brute force to my router

    root@bt:~# hydra
    Hydra v5.4 [] (c) 2006 by van Hauser / THC <>
    Syntax: hydra [[[-l LOGIN|-L FILE] [-p PASS|-P FILE]] | [-C FILE]] [-e ns]
     [-o FILE] [-t TASKS] [-M FILE [-T TASKS]] [-w TIME] [-f] [-s PORT] [-S] [-vV]
     server service [OPT]
      -R        restore a previous aborted/crashed session
      -S        connect via SSL
      -s PORT   if the service is on a different default port, define it here
      -l LOGIN or -L FILE login with LOGIN name, or load several logins from FILE
      -p PASS  or -P FILE try password PASS, or load several passwords from FILE
      -e ns     additional checks, "n" for null password, "s" try login as pass
      -C FILE   colon seperated "login:pass" format, instead of -L/-P options
      -M FILE   server list for parallel attacks, one entry per line
      -o FILE   write found login/password pairs to FILE instead of stdout
      -f        exit after the first found login/password pair (per host if -M)
      -t TASKS  run TASKS number of connects in parallel (default: 16)
      -w TIME   defines the max wait time in seconds for responses (default: 30)
      -v / -V   verbose mode / show login+pass combination for each attempt
      server    the target server (use either this OR the -M option)
      service   the service to crack. Supported protocols: telnet ftp pop3[-ntlm]   imap[-ntlm] smb smbnt http[s]-{head|get} http-{get|post}-form http-proxy cisco  cisco-enable vnc ldap2 ldap3 mssql mysql oracle-listener postgres nntp socks5   rexec rlogin pcnfs snmp rsh cvs svn icq sapr3 ssh2 smtp-auth[-ntlm] pcanywhere  teamspeak sip vmauthd
      OPT       some service modules need special input (see README!)
    Hydra is a tool to guess/crack valid login/password pairs - use allowed only
    for legal purposes! If used commercially, tool name, version and web address
    must be mentioned in the report. Find the newest version at
    If you scroll down this page you'll see "Similar Threads" , maybe look there ?

    & don't forget to add your routers user|Password to your lists just to make sure everything's working ok

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