Hi everyone,I am the new user to this forum.And I am also new linux user. I T4start my linux operating system with BT4 final.
And I am interested in network security and I want to become penetration tester that mean I want to become white hacker.

I got too many penetration technique form this form and I really thanks to everyone who give their technique to everyone in this forum. I am really thanks.
Do you mine, tell me how to recover my router password, I mean, I want to penetrate my password is secure and I also want the technique of password cracking.

I heard that hydra can be used for this with dictionary or brute force attack.

I got one dictionary file from the internet.
I want to know how to use the program in both attack.
I mean, what command can I use to run that program.
The type of my router is Belkiin F5D7234