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Thread: rainbowcrack - custom rainbow table generation

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    Default rainbowcrack - custom rainbow table generation


    my first language is not english...

    I have 7 valid handshake capture. I don't know anything
    (how long the password, numeric, alpha, etc...)

    Here is 1 capture file (extract onyl the valid handshake):

    #  BSSID              ESSID                     Encryption
       1  00:1B:FC:DF:06:64  tancsics                  WPA (1 handshake)
    Search in net, find this:
    The Shmoo Group

    Under the page are torrents for free rainbow tables. Its very
    cool, but i can't find this table:

    - numeric (0123456789)
    - lower alpha (
    - alpha (ABC...XYZ)
    - ascii (space, underline, hyphen)

    So, I think: generate myself rainbow table. I now - I now, this
    is a very big job...
    I use rtgen for rainbowcrack: run daily ca. 12-18 hours, stop and
    I can continue.

    What parameters run it the rtgen for the best results?
    I would like to the following things:
    - numeric (0123456789)
    - lower alpha (
    - alpha (ABC...XYZ)
    - ascii (space, underline, hyphen)
    - passwords long: 0-8 character (plaintext min 1, max 8)

    I don't no:
    - what hash algorithm use? (WPA, WPA2 cracking)
    - which value of this:

    Rtgen run it windows 7 x64, so the file size can bigger
    than 2GB. But I use the tables another programs and
    x86 systems (usb hdd, on just the tables).

    Thank You and sorry the bad english!
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