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Thread: All AMD graphic drivers (HOW TO)

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    Default Re: All AMD graphic drivers (HOW TO)

    Have you tried just doing....

    apt-get install ati-driver
    I have had far more luck using the nvidia drivers from the repo as opposed to doing it manually.... Are the ati drivers well kept for the BT4 repos? I haven't had a chance to try an ati card in my system in years....
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    Default Re: All AMD graphic drivers (HOW TO)

    Umm it depends on what model # you have. I have the hd 3200 radeon and when I run pyrit my computer shuts down. I remember reading that it's only compatible with the 4xxx models and up.

    #########DON'T DO THIS############

    apt-get install ati-driver
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    Default Re: All AMD graphic drivers (HOW TO)

    Quote Originally Posted by enc0de View Post
    Don't forget pyrit thats the reason graphic card drivers are bit more important to some pentesters.
    That must be this Cuda 2.0 everyone's talking about, right?.

    This weekend I took the plunge and decided to learn more about desktop environments. I actually have compiz working on Xfce. If you stay clear of all the silly effects, you can produce with those slide-switchers and ring-switchers. I hate mice, and until I learned the hot-keys for compiz, some things were just painful.

    Now I'm trying to duplicate those features in kde3. The cube thingy sucks up cpu cycles, the ring&slide switchers don't appear to use much of anything though, and seem to be a good thing.

    So I just hadn't gone far enough. A little time spent working with what I thought were dubious features, has actually taught me how to operate windows without a mouse, and I'm now 100% faster at everything. Btw, whatever kbfx is, it's a boat anchor . . .

    Now I'll see what I can do with Cuda . . .

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    Default Re: All AMD graphic drivers (HOW TO)

    problem solved..
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