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Thread: All AMD graphic drivers (HOW TO)

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    Default All AMD graphic drivers (HOW TO)

    If you have an AMD graphic card and want to get compiz to work in Backtrack 4 or just update its driver then this is for you.

    First of all here is the link where you can get the right driver for your card.
    Make sure you scroll down in the first box and find linux and click on the linux x86 like so and find you graphic card driver.

    Ok so now once it finished downloading it open up a terminal and get into the directory where you downloaded it.

    Ok now just run this command to install
    sh ./
    Note after the "sh ./" place the name of the driver you downloaded.

    Now once you run it you will get a little something like this.

    You should now what to do from here.

    keep everything automatic and just keep clicking next or continue what it is.
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