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Thread: how to add drivers for alpha AWUS036H

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    Default how to add drivers for alpha AWUS036H

    Plzz i m new in linux can any one post a step by step instructions to add a driver for alpha awus036h or any other device.. I m trying to crack my wep wirless key but when i enter command on konsule airdump-ng wlan0 it says bad command is it a driver problem or something else must b done

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    Default Re: how to add drivers for alpha AWUS036H

    You've got a lot to do. Start by identifying the commands properly and then another useful thing would be to find out what they actually do.
    And no, it's not a driver problem (as the output "bad command" already told you).
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    Default Re: how to add drivers for alpha AWUS036H

    if you are on bt4 you shouldn't need a driver installation, it should already be installed. Check the FAQ about turning on your wireless interfaces and use airmon-ng to put wlan0..the alfa into monitor mode.
    then just use statrt arodump with mon0 that was created in the last step.
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