Hello, i just installed my nvidia display driver today i downloaded the 195.36.15 drivers and installed them this way: "sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-195.36.15-pkg1.run" the install went fine but when i tried to type startx it gave my this error:

Fatal Server error:

No Screens found

Giving up.

Xinit: Connection refused (errno111)
Unable to connect to the X Server.

Xinit: No such process (errno3):

X.org X server 1.5.2.

This is a fairly new install of backtrack so i am thinking it might be because i am running my 9800 GTX's in SLI? I'm also running 2 monitors so i disconnected my second one and i got the same error. I also tried "sudo fix-vesa" but it does not help.

- thanks for reading -